The cuisine at the BERLINER REPUBLIK features traditional German home cooking.
We offer you traditional German meals, cooked and prepared like “grandma’s recipes”.

Due to the seasonal change, we offer in our steady changing special menu,
typical food of he season through all provinces of Germany.

„Chanterelles season“

Delicate lamb´s lettuce
with sautéed chanterelles, croutons
and potato-bacon-dressing
10,50 €


Chanterelle foam
with chives and thyme croutons
5,80 €


Fresh chanterelles in white wine sauce
braised with bacon and onions
served with noodles
10,90 €


„Tarte flambeé“ with chanterelles,
red onions, bacon and cherry tomatoes
10,50 €


Baked potato with curd cheese,
fried chanterelles and vegetables
11,50 €
optional with
Pork steak 16,50 €
Entrecoté 20,50 €

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